The Rimura project

A wall is not just a wall if you are able to utilize it in a different way and give it a soul.

Thinking of a wall as a boundary or an obstacle is so easy, but looking at the wall, thinking about it, and giving it a new look is fascinating.

This is how a Rimura project comes to life, a quality wallcovering, which is both ecological and functional, brings beauty to the wall, finding the right balance between the choice of materials, the effectiveness and the aesthetics.

We bring the Italian experience and know-how in craftsmanship and style to the to the world of wallcovering. We offer customized solutions adaptable to any size and surface, to satisfy any creative and design request. We link the technical team that deals with development and research to the team of creative designers, our “artists”, who communicate an idea and its emotions.




The history of Rimura?
The company is still young, but made up of people with decades of experience in the communication and digital printing sectors. Rimura came about because we needed to redefine and redesign our working spaces. We could carry out complex building works, or we could try a completely different approach and physically change their aspect by redefining colors, styles and perspectives.
We investigated what was available in the sector, met with creative designers and studied substrate materials. And out of our needs came love. Now, we want to offer you everything that convinced us to utilize new wallcoverings to change, enhance and protect our office.


Our Future
We know where we want to go and how our working methods shall take us there. We must satisfy our customer requests and needs, by combining the art of our designers with the latest innovations in materials.
Our designs must be beautiful, but the application of the wall covering must not be too complicated for professionals and craftsmen.

Our catalogs and collections are constantly evolving. To see all our proposals, simply request the latest catalog via the contact form or download it from the “Download” area.





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    01. GET TO KNOW US

    Simply complete the registration procedure on the rimura.com site in the Register area. You can get to know us better, and we can better understand your ideas and needs.

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    Choose the design you prefer from among our proposals, take a photo of the wall and measure it up. That’s all we need.

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    03. LET'S START

    Click into the estimate section and fill out the form. In a few hours you will receive a computer simulation in your space of what you asked for and our offer price for a unique, personalized and tailor-made wallpaper.

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    04. DELIVERY

    After payment, we start working on your project and after a few days you will recieve the shipping code via email for delivery to you.

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    05. NOTE…

    Processing times can vary depending on the complexity of the processing. Installation and application of the wall covering is not included in our price.