Vito Elefante

Founder of Digilab and of Rimura


Specialized in communication and digital printing, Vito takes pride in his abilty as a craftsman in the creation of wallcoverings made with commitment and passion. He combines entrepreneurship with love for his homeland and its beauty, especially his contact with the sea which inspires him in his creativity.


Sandro Manghisi

Graphic  Designer


A lover of communication in all its forms, Sandro has always been passionate about visual arts, cinema and music. These passions that have guided him in his life and work, transforming what was initially his hobby into a profession. Creativity, Passion and Competence are his strengths.


Dionisio Beatrice

Graphic  Designer


Beatrice was born in Castellana Grotte, in Puglia, in 1979. After graduating as a Graphic Designer at the European Institute of Design in Rome,she starting working in design, specializing in corporate identity and imaging for major events and for the cinema. Her growing reputation, both nationlly and internationally, has led to her producing the film poster for “Quo Vado?” starring Checco Zalone and the latest album by Erica Mou.

Roberta Volza

Illustrator, Tattoo artist


Roberta, for her friends “Borderline”, has a degree in Psychology that opened her horizons wide and made her understand that in life it is important to do what you love, not what you “must”.

She has been a tattoo artist by profession since 2013. She loves to mix art and psychology, drawing emotions and giving shape to words. In her maximum artistic expression she loves the contamination of styles, because just as with emotions there are no well-defined rules, art allows her the freedom to be able to express herself through drawing.

Her art can be defined as both surrealist and expressionist thanks to her ability to put on paper and then onto skin the emotions and the deepest aspects of a client’s personality.

Vito Savino



Vito Savino is an Italian artist born in 1975 in Conversano in the province of Bari. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera he is arriving in art therapy with the address under construction of the image. He moves easily from the small illustration format to the large painting formats, both on canvas and on wood and masonry. He finds his main source of inspiration in the shapes and colors of nature, the details of which he loves to decontextualize to recompose the unusual and dreamlike context. A multifaceted artist, particularly inclined to freedom, research and experimentation, in his paintings he mixes languages and situations in the most absolute freedom, giving life to an inner journey and cultural nomadism.

Federica Rinaldi

Interior designer & Home stylist


I am an Interior Designer and Home Stylist, born and raised in Rome. Always fascinated by the CASE universe, I love designing and decorating them down to the smallest detail. I consider furniture an art form that coexists with functionality. I love creating spaces that make those who live there feel good. And that makes me happy.


Piero Gigante



Piero was born and raised in Castellana Grotte, a small town in the Puglian Countryside. He has always had a passion for art combining a thousand styles and techniques to create innovative designs.


Michele Costante

Illustrator, Tatto artist


Michele owes his artistic inclinations to his studies in Architecture, gaining his degree in 2013 at Bari in Puglia. However, over the years, his interest has been directed more and more towards graphics and illustration.


After completing a master’s degree in Art Direction at the Milan Academy of Communication, he worked for two years as an art director in FCB, an international communication agency in Milan. While working here his team won the Bronze Lion at the Cannes festival, the most important event in the world of communication.


Later, leaving digital illustration he gradually became interested in the art of tattooing. Today he lives and works in Puglia as a professional tattoo artist, without ever forgetting his creative experimentation in the field of graphics which he puts at the service of the art of tattoos.


This multidisciplinary approach in this inspired artist has led him to combine geometry with the decomposition into simple figures of nature, the animal world and symbolism, which is now reflected in his new collection of contemporary wallpapers for interiors.


Studio 13

Design, Architettura


Studio 13 is a young and innovative Apulian design studio, specializing in architecture and product and graphic design.

It is the expression of the successful synergy created by its two founders, Chiara Guglielmi, who trained at the IED in Milan and at the NAD in Verona, and Giorgia Giancaspro who studied at the Polytechnic of Milan in the Faculty of Construction Architecture.

A heterogeneous mix of rigor and eclecticism is the basis of the studio’s philosophy, which interprets design as a confluence of multiple disciplines and a communion of aesthetics and functionality.

Wallcoverings are conceived as Women who dress rooms with elegance and charm.

Francesca Cosanti

Visual artist


Born and raised in Italy, I love to travel, not only with thoughts, to be inspired by new places, shapes and colors.
I work as an illustrator and visual artist for publishing and advertising, collaborating with associations, companies and agencies.
My boards are mostly digitally made on Mac or I Pads.
My creative process undoubtedly starts from the act of “thinking”. The most complex part of my work is in fact having the right idea, which must meet the tastes of the client, the public, but also mine.
After the idea comes the sketch and all its possible evolutions.
Having defined the sketch, which I create on a sheet of paper or, often, directly digitally, I move on to the creation of the final table.
The latter can take me away a few hours or whole days, depending on some variables: technique, details, setting, number of characters, affinity with the work, choice of color palette.
My palette varies often, but the color that most belongs to me is definitely red. A lively color, which transmits energy and does not go unnoticed.
In my free time, I dedicate myself to my passions: dogs, food, swimming, books, travel, photography and long walks.


Antonella Ficarra

Visual designer – Webdesigner – Illustrator


Antonella lives and works in Milan. She has been involved in graphic design for many years with a particular focus on branding, lettering, editorial products and, of course, websites. She has always drawn, ever since she was a child, and a few years ago she started to cultivate illustration and visual design in a broader sense.


She loves designing for wallpapers, decorative panels and illustrations with differing techniques, often mixing freehand drawing with archival materials, putting everything together using electronic collage. She has a special fondness for antique prints and flowers.


Mariagrazia Proietto

Visual designer – Illustrator – Photographer


Mariagrazia was born in Castellana Grotte in 1988, and passionate about art and photography, she studied painting at Art School and later Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari. Her curiosity and passion for art together with her experimentation and innovation have become the love of her life. She is inspired by everything she sees and hears. She expresses herself in many different mediums from from drawing, watercolor and ink, to photography and digital art.

Moris Florio

Artist – Stylist – Graphic Designer


Moris’ guidieline has always been imagining and interpreting new forms of art with curiosity and creativity as the basis of his professional training.
After having graduated from the Institute of Art, he immediately began his career in the world of Fashion Design, where he gained experience in various sectors: stylistic, textile, graphic and photographic without ever losing his passion for art and interior design, having always been attracted to the world of Design and its multiple interpretations.

The world of Fashion has refined his basics of style while the experimentation of shapes and fabrics enhances his creativity. A careful observer of the world, he has begun experimenting in a combination of fashion and design.

Gianluca Barbaro



Gianluca Barbaro, Roman since 1971.
Graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he deals with Pictorial Decoration, from design to implementation. His pictorial adventure is varied by an interweaving of experiences ranging from theater, cinema and TV sets to multiple collaborations with some interior and architecture studios, he takes care of and executes projects of ornate decorations and painted architecture in Italy and abroad.