Italian Design


Our wallcovering are works of art catergorized by color, style and pattern. Made by us for you from the ideas of our creative artists to bring beauty and efficiency to your space.


Whether to change, to enhance or to protect, whether for aesthetics or for function.

Two different surfaces to satisfy your needs at 360°..

Eros in Paradise VE113


Classic in characteristics, innovative in material. Wallpaper with non-woven fabric and embossed surface for the traditional wall or stucco effect.

Ideal for all environments.

Recommended for the home.



Technology and aesthetics. Enhancement and protection.

With fiberglass backing, extraordinary in effect and functionality.

Ideal for humid environments.
Recommended for bathrooms, saunas, spas, gyms.



The new ecological substrate EcoWall by Rimura with TNT backing and linen effect facing made from a mix of polyester and paper from renewable sources certified FSC Mix credit as the product is PVC FREE. The UV-curable inks are of low environmental impact, GREENGUARD certified, making them suitable for internal applications in “sensitive” environments such as hospitals, schools and other public places.


Commissions, achievements and projects. Curiosities, news and practical information.
Everything that revolves around the Rimura world. All that could be useful to you.

  • Private residence

    Private residence

    Japan – Art. VE140-1 The Japanese style of this wallpaper in light tones creates a sophisticated atmosphere in the living room of the house.KEEP READING »
  • Private residence

    Private residence

    Jungle – Art. VE068-1 A touch of greenery and mystery in the bathroom with our Jungle VE068-1 in water resistant fiberglass and suitable for rooms with humidity. Freshness and style at the same time.KEEP READING »
  • Private Residence

    Private Residence

    Marble-One – Art. VE069-1 Our wallpaper Marble-One-VE069-1 was chosen for this living room. An elegant style that adapts to the colors of the room.KEEP READING »
  • Private residence

    Private residence

    Tropical VE104-3 Who said plants have to grow in pots? We have created a real tropical oasis in the living room with Tropical wallpaper perfectly adapted to the curved surface of this room.KEEP READING »
  • Multiservice Milano

    Multiservice Milano

    Tucson – Art. VE159-01 A breath of fresh air for this office that has chosen to renew itself with Tucson wallpaper. A stretch of cactus and greenery that brightens up the room. On the right our decorstand with some proposals all signed by Rimura.KEEP READING »
  • Private residence

    Private residence

    Pattern – Art. VE147-1 For this dining room the pattern wallpaper was chosen for a modern and geometric style with golden details that are able to bring out the colors to give the room a trendy look.KEEP READING »
  • Private residence

    Private residence

    Altheda – Art. VE094-1 The choice of this wallpaper literally made bloom the bedroom with its soft and elegant tones that perfectly match the room giving it a comfortable shabby chic style.KEEP READING »
  • Private residence

    Private residence

    Foliis tropicae – Art. SM003-1 The light coming through the window enlights the “Foliis Tropicae” wallpaper and gives a touch of exotic style perfectly in harmony with the rest of the living room.KEEP READING »